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        Anhui UPEC Security Service Co., Ltd. Suzhou Branch is affiliated to Jiangsu UPEC Group, founded in 2009. At present, the company has more than 800 security personnel, cleaning personnel: 200, green, engineering personnel: 30, maintenance personnel: 20. Among them, there are 3 managers of property management enterprises, 8 managers of property items, 30 senior security guards, 12 intermediate security guards, 15 licensed firefighters and more than 300 veterans.

        The total area under management is over 5 million square meters, covering commercial complexes, office buildings, business centers, residential areas, hospitals, schools, factories and so on. The total number of employees is more than 1500, and most of them have experienced service management experience.

        Company phone: 0512-57887958

        Mr. Liao: 18913270298

        Mr. Xu: 13355652220

        Mailbox: ksupk2009@vip.163.com

        Address: No. 625 Huayuan Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Suzhou, Jiangsu.

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