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        Article 1 management rules for employees and carrying articles to and from factories
        1. employees shall not bring guns, knives, drugs and dangerous goods and prohibited articles into the factory area.

        2. the staff can not bring visitors to the factory without the approval of the supervisor.

        3. displaced or resigned by the company, refusing to enter.

        4. employees go out at work time, no employees to go out alone, or have no approval from the competent departments, but they are not allowed to leave the factory. << p="">

        5. all employees shall not carry any property of the company, such as products, documents, materials, semi-finished products or working utensils.

        6. personnel and vehicles refused to inspect when they left factory.

        7. the goods that are not in conformity with the shipping documents are not allowed to leave the factory.

        8. the goods are not released from the factory without the receipt of the goods, or if the goods are released, but the department heads will sign them.

        Second rules for the management of workers, goods and vehicles
        1. manufacturers need to enter the factory to negotiate. They should go through the registration formalities in the gatehouse and accept the consent of the company departments before entering the factory.

        2. the vehicle entering the factory must be parked in the place designated by the company according to the regulations.

        3. when a freight vehicle enters the factory area, it must issue a certificate of delivery and go through the formalities for entry into the plant, and the security guard may release it and notify the warehousing department.

        When 4. manufacturers of freight vehicles are out of the factory, they should issue the list of articles, and remove the names, quantities and specifications of the articles to be released, and have the supervisor or the head of the Department to sign the seal. After the security personnel check all the rules and regulations, they can handle the factory procedures for them.

        Rules for the management of third visitors
        1. persons and vehicles carrying inflammable, explosive and dangerous goods.

        2. unidentified, poorly dressed and obviously malicious people.

        3. promotion of products, commodities and the acquisition of waste goods and vehicles.

        4. non registered officers and vehicles refuse to register and inspect.

        5. visitors did not report the visits and visitors.

        6. visitors can not produce valid documents.

        Fourth precautions for the management of entrance guard
        1. all vehicle and personnel entering and leaving the factory area shall comply with all requirements of the company.

        2. manufacturers and personnel enter the factory area and enter the unauthorized prohibited area or other departments except the Department of negotiation. Otherwise, the departments concerned should be jointly and severally liable.

        3. after leaving the procedures, the staff will be moved to the security room for inspection, and the finance department will leave the visitors after settling the wages.

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