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        The private bodyguard service is a brief account of the professional personal protection. It is essential to have the agile skills, the brain of the investigation, the rich social record and the strong insight into the guesswork, the reasoning and analysis, the judgment and the ability to adapt to various environments.
        Our company is the general manager and deputy general manager to the project manager. Most of the people's Liberation Army's Armed Police retired military personnel. By virtue of their own military capabilities, we recruited and trained a large number of professional security guards with military origin, providing and ordering private bodyguards for you. Analysis, cooperate with security assistants, teams, legal advisors and other quality and quickly solve your security needs.

        The scope of the function of the temporary Bodyguard:
        1, follow suit and take care of VIP customers at all times to prevent any unsafe factors from causing direct harm to VIP customers.
        2, timely analysis of the scene, make a number of preventive plans and safety rehearsal;
        3, when accidents happen, escort the VIP to the safe place quickly to protect the personal safety of VIP from others' infringement.

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