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        Labor dispatch, also known as human resource dispatch, is a new way of employing people in recent years. According to the needs of its own work and development, the enterprise can carry out all kinds of personnel needed by the enterprise through the formal service company, that is, to hold the "labor dispatch certificate" approved by the state.

        The benefits of the use of labor services by enterprises:

        1, the mode of employment is flexible: the use of labor service mode can set up short-term temporary employment, part-time job or special work, according to the actual situation of your unit.

        2, reduce the cost of recruitment: the employment units use labor dispatch methods, do not need to draw up plans and plans, only need to sign an agreement with the labor dispatch agency according to the needs of the unit, all the work should be handled by the labor dispatch agency, and can not pay the human expenses, advertising expenses and other expenses.

        3, reduce personnel reserve: in recent years, the shortage of human resources, enterprises in order to face the changing situation of the product market, often use the personnel reserve measures, so there is always a part of the surplus in the enterprise. And our labor dispatch agencies can provide the temporary labor demand caused by unforeseeable production fluctuations, and more and more enterprises meet the demand in the form of labor dispatch. This can greatly reduce the cost of labor.

        4, save labor costs: due to the inertia of the original employment system, the employing unit can negotiate the wages of the labor force according to the wage level of the labor market. On the basis of security and gradual improvement of social labor security, our company can promote the reform of personnel system in employment units, complete the transformation of "unit people" to "social people", and on the other hand, alleviate the imbalance in the distribution of talents, on the basis of the regulation of laws and regulations as well as the relevant policies of various governments. The current situation of supply and demand is contradictory, so as to optimize the allocation of human resources. From a social perspective, labor dispatch promotes the transformation of social human resources from extensive allocation to intensive allocation.

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