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        Picking up gold is not a good example, and promoting positive social energy

        2021-12-25     browse: 916
        Picking up gold is not a good example, and promoting positive social energy

        Bowing down to the vested money is a temptation for everyone. However, Wang Aping, the security guard of the Huaqiao Caoan Neighborhood Center Project of Hefei Security Service Company, resisted this temptation with his noble personality and professional mission, and withstood the test, showing that the security personnel are not ignorant of collecting money. The noble character.

        On December 17, 2021, just like the busy working day in the past, security guard Wang Aping will be on duty as usual. At about nine o'clock, I found a missing card package containing a dozen bank cards and a little cash. Wang Aping immediately used the walkie-talkie to report to the project manager, and immediately asked his colleague to replace him for a while, and hurriedly took the wallet and ran to Party A's office to report the situation, hoping to find the owner as soon as possible. After searching for the owner with a loudspeaker, the owner was finally found on the third floor of the Cao'an Neighborhood Center and his identity was confirmed. The card package was returned on the spot. The owner continued to express his gratitude to the security guard Wang Aping and the property personnel of the Cao'an Neighborhood Center.

        On December 21, 2021, the owner specially presented a pennant to Wang Aping. This behavior was unanimously praised by the leaders of Party A, all employees of our company and the masses. The company also gave reasonable rewards to the employee because of the employee’s unobtrusive character. It is hoped that through this event, various projects can learn from and guide all staff to promote "positive energy" and deliver "truth, goodness and beauty."


        The extraordinary things in ordinary posts can still warm people's hearts. At the moment of the epidemic, people from all walks of life are silently working and dedicating to this war "epidemic" with practical actions. The security guard Wang Aping's approach is commendable, and it is with people like them that the spirit of not picking up money will shine forever.



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