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        Sending love in the year of the tiger, warm the hearts of the team members

        2022-02-11     browse: 926
        Sending love in the year of the tiger, warm the hearts of the team members

        The Spring Festival is a time when thousands of families are reunited, but there are still some people who, in order to work, give up their families and take care of everyone, and stick to their posts silently. , worthy of our gratitude and admiration.

        In order to thank the front-line employees of Hefei Security Company Upac for their dedication and perseverance, and to express the cordial care and New Year wishes of the leaders of the group, on the 30th of the lunar new year, the person in charge of the order maintenance department of our company went to dozens of projects, visited and expressed condolences in various areas. The front-line security guards at each project site presented them with red envelopes and extended holiday greetings, sincerely expressing the company's concern and concern for their position and selfless dedication, and encouraging them to go hand in hand with the company to create great achievements.

        Everywhere, the company leaders communicated cordially with the team members and expressed their heartfelt thanks to them for their hard work and selfless dedication to everyone. Everyone is urged to always put safety first, and report any abnormal situation to the relevant leaders in a timely manner. He also emphasized that it is necessary to do a good job in security and epidemic prevention and control during the festival to ensure the safety and stability of the station during the festival.

        For this condolence, our employees really felt the care and attention of the leaders. Everyone expressed that in the next year, they will be with a new spiritual outlook, firmer confidence, fuller enthusiasm, and a more solid style of work. Diligently perform duties, work hard, and write a new chapter for the development of Upac Group!



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