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        Hefei security company property security needs meeting

        2022-05-27     browse: 1473
        Hefei security company property security needs meeting

        The sudden failure of property equipment or the emergence of sudden accident seedlings is itself a factor that causes insecurity. As property security personnel of Hefei Security Company, we should identify these similar problems and learn simple methods to deal with them, so that the problems can be at least temporarily weakened or Solve to minimize the loss caused.

        1. Seeing, hearing, and smelling to catch accident seedlings

        Regional inspections are the daily work of security personnel. During inspections, they can catch the seedlings of accidents by carefully observing, hearing, and sniffing, and preliminarily determine what type of accidents are from the phenomenon.


        Eye observation is to look at the surrounding for abnormal phenomena, such as smoke, sparks, running water, and standing water. It is the seedling of flooding accident caused by tube well blockage, tube valve damage or control failure.

        Hearing is to use the ear to hear whether there are abnormal sounds, such as popping, frictional vibration, water flow, etc. The popping sound may be discharge or fire; the water flow may be leaking; and the frictional vibration may be the abnormal operation of the equipment.

        Nose sniffing refers to whether the nose smells abnormal odors, such as burnt smell, stink, etc. The burnt smell may be caused by the overheating of the equipment and the fire; the smell may be the overflow of sewage and the blockage of the ventilation pipe.

        Once the above situations are found, you should be alert, trace the root cause, take emergency measures on the spot, and promptly notify the engineering equipment department to come to check and solve the problem.

        2. Understand the control points and master the operation method

        Security personnel should understand and master simple operation methods for the control points of critical and important public equipment in the management area. For example, where is each manual control switch for public lighting? Where are the control switches for various types of pumps? Where are the control valves for the main water supply and drainage pipelines? How to switch between automatic gear and manual gear of life pump and so on.

        Only by understanding the control points and mastering the operation methods can we participate in the handling of emergencies.

        During the inspection, it is found that an electrical circuit or equipment has a burning smell and flashing fire due to fault heating. If you know the position of its control switch, you can disconnect the switch first to avoid the expansion of the accident;

        In addition, it is found that a main water pipe bursts and a large amount of water flows out. If you know the position of the inlet and outlet valves that control this water pipe, you can close the valve first, and then notify the maintenance to avoid greater impact and loss;

        In addition, if the automatic control of the domestic water pump fails at night, the roof water tank is short of water, and the owner's house is in an emergency, and the equipment maintenance personnel are not present for a while. Switch the automatic gear to manual gear, and let the living pump start the water supply, which can at least temporarily solve the owner's water problem and alleviate the contradiction;

        Similarly, if the heavy rain floods the basement and the float switch of the automatic control system of the sewage pump fails, in the same way, the security personnel can manually start the drainage to avoid accidents caused by flooding.

        3. Emergency treatment of people involved in sudden elevator failure

        With the large-scale construction of office buildings and commercial residential buildings, the use of elevators is becoming more and more extensive. Ensuring the safe operation of elevators and emergency handling of sudden failures are major issues that property management companies should pay attention to. Therefore, it is possible to send some security personnel for special training, obtain elevator operation certificates, and master the emergency handling procedures for elevator failures.

        First of all, when receiving the alarm signal of closing people or finding the phenomenon of closing people on the monitoring screen of the monitoring room, they should rush to the scene quickly, and at the same time notify the professional elevator maintenance unit, use the phone or shout outside the door to comfort the people who are locked up, and If possible, open the elevator door forcibly according to the operating procedure, let the detainee get out of the elevator, and then take safety measures and wait for the professional elevator maintenance unit to come to inspect and repair.

        4. Understand fire fighting knowledge and learn the use of fire fighting equipment

        Modern office buildings and commercial residential buildings are equipped with automatic fire alarm control systems. As a property security officer, you should know the knowledge about fire protection and be familiar with the use occasions and methods of fire fighting equipment.


        First, you must understand the functions of each key button on the fire control cabinet, such as the start button, reset button, self-check button, and alarm button, and operate them correctly;

        2. Familiarize yourself with the operating steps in the event of a fire alarm;

        Third, master the use methods and occasions of various fire extinguishing equipment. For example, foam fire extinguishers cannot be used to extinguish fires in electrical equipment, otherwise it will cause electric shock accidents; dry powder fire extinguishers should not be used for fire extinguishing in data rooms and precision instrument rooms. Once used, data and equipment will be destroyed. In both cases, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers can be used to extinguish the fire.

        5. Master the first aid method

        The security personnel's duty station covers a wide range of areas, and patrols in the management area. When encountering emergencies and injuries to personnel, emergency ambulance must be carried out. This requires property security personnel to understand and master emergency rescue methods, mainly electric shock first aid, trauma first aid and heat stroke first aid.

        The quality of property management mainly depends on the quality of service,

        The quality service is mainly reflected in the fineness and comprehensiveness of the service.

        Property security personnel know some equipment

        and other knowledge,

        will bring service quality to a new level,

        It also laid the foundation for the industry's brand.



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