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        Play the role of "leaders" and "leaders", Hefei security services help new team members grow rapidly

        2022-06-30     browse: 1337
        Play the role of

        Play the role of "leaders" and "leaders" to help new players grow rapidly

        "Transferring help and leading" can create a learning organization and team, form a harmonious and mutually helpful industry culture, and promote the improvement of the overall quality of the security team. To revitalize the activities of "passing and leading", managers must have the awareness of "management" and implement them into specific activities to exert real effects. "Broadcasting help" is like "holding hands", with the main purpose of spreading help and leading newcomers, leading the recipients to carry out action-based learning, and achieve common growth through interaction. The "Broadcasting" activity advocates "passing on" wisdom, "helping" growth, and "bringing" culture.

        Due to the high mobility of security positions, security personnel are often hired in a hurry after simple training, and some even start the job on the first day of registration and the next day, relying entirely on the team members to explore and adapt on the job. Some security companies will also conduct some job skills education and training in the later stage of security team recruitment to improve professional knowledge and capabilities, but more are learning and training for the purpose of obtaining "qualification certificates". It should be said that in order to truly become a qualified security team member and adapt to the needs of the client unit as soon as possible, simple training is not enough. When the security guards are recruited and assigned to different units such as the education system, government agencies, financial systems, factories and enterprises, in addition to common subjects, we also have many management requirements and management methods that are specific to the characteristics of each unit, which cannot be obtained through training. , must be achieved in practice by "passing on the help".

        Known as the "mother of the army", the squad leader is both a manager of a grassroots unit and a participant, a bridge and link between the company and customers, and the company and team members. The execution ability of a team is a consideration of the team leader's ability to organize, command, manage, communicate and coordinate. Therefore, the class (team) leader should be the main executor of the pass.

        1. "Pass" means to impart, pass on.

        As a sub-commander, you must convey the spirit of your superiors in a timely manner, and do a good job of uploading and distributing. Some rules and regulations, management regulations, and new work requirements of the company and customers should be communicated and organized in a timely manner, and implemented in a timely manner.

        It also means that the class (team) leader teaches by example, and provides an example for his subordinates to learn from. As a squad (team) leader, you must strive to become an expert in the security work of your stationed unit and become a role model for the team members. In addition to the inheritance of good traditions and good experience, it also includes the transmission of new knowledge, new skills and new methods.

        2. "Help" means help, help and teach.

        In the army, the squad leader is known as the "mother of the army". The soldiers eat, drink, sleep, and take care of everything. This is the same mission as the squad leader. The class (team) leader is the project manager dispatched by the company to the client unit, and the "imperial minister" who performs the contract on behalf of the company.

        Strict requirements at work, no violations of regulations and disciplines, to ensure the performance of the contract; caring for subordinates in life, enthusiastic to help team members who have difficulties in life, frequent conversations with team members, grasping ideological trends, and doing my best to help And educate team members with thoughts and emotions, establish a correct outlook on life and values, do not allow a team member to deviate from the "course" of life, and enthusiastically help solve problems such as team members' lack of work experience and the need to improve working conditions and environment.

         3. "Belt" means to lead, to lead.

        The emphasis is on the exemplary and leading role of the class (team) leader. Walk in the front in everything, take the lead in learning and work, but also integrate into the team members, mingle with the masses, be the best friends of the team members, and use their own practical actions to infect the team members, educate and guide the team members. In the face of "urgency, difficulty, danger, and seriousness", we must dare to challenge, achieve "letting honor when you see honor, and go up when you see difficulty", use your own personality charm to unite the team members, and use the courage of "look at me, follow me". The spirit drives the players.

        No matter "soldier leads the army" or "passes the help and leads", it is a traditional working method of using the old to lead the new. "One person is red, one point is red, everyone is red and one is red" was widely praised in the early years. Comrade Mao Zedong once said, "All members of the revolutionary ranks should care for each other, help each other, and support each other." As a new team member, you must have an open-minded and studious spirit. As a class (team) leader, you must have a high sense of responsibility and impart your excellent skills to new players without reservation. Numerous practices have proved that "passing on help" is a simple and effective way to cultivate talents.



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