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        Security Management Encyclopedia of Hefei Security Service

        2022-09-29     browse: 980
        Security Management Encyclopedia of Hefei Security Service

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        When it comes to security, many people think that the job is easy. They think that the daily work of security guards is just staying at the post. In fact, the work of security is not easy.

        With the continuous development of the security industry, there are security guards in schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, communities, government agencies and other industries. As of 2022, the number of security practitioners nationwide has reached more than 6.4 million. With the continuous development of the security industry, the requirements for security guards are also increasing. Hefei Security Service believes that a qualified security guard needs management training from these aspects?

        1. Queue training

        The most basic and most important training for security guards is security queue training, including military posture, salute and completion, the exchange of straddling and standing at attention, the method of stopping and turning, marching and stopping in step, etc. Only by mastering the most basic queue training content can you be polite and show a good duty pattern



        3. Anti-terrorism and anti-riot training

        With the continuous occurrence of incidents of gangsters wounding people with weapons, as the first line of defense to protect the personal safety and property safety of client units, security guards must not only have basic personal physical fitness, but also regularly participate in anti-terrorism organized by security companies. Anti-riot drills ensure that all kinds of anti-terrorism and anti-riot equipment can be used correctly, and when danger occurs, they can come forward as soon as possible, and skillfully use anti-terrorism and anti-riot equipment to subdue gangsters.

        Fourth, fire training

        As a voluntary firefighting force, it is also the duty of security guards to detect and eliminate various fire hazards in a timely manner, and to put out initial fires. Therefore, as a qualified security guard, the use of fire-fighting equipment and the initial fire fighting are also skills that must be mastered.

        Five, security guard theoretical knowledge training

        If you want to become a qualified security guard, in addition to participating in vocational skills training, you must also be proficient in the duties of security guards, security guard codes, job responsibilities, work flow, shift system, leave cancellation system, one-day living system, and housekeeping regulations. , legal knowledge and other rules and regulations and management requirements.



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