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        How to coordinate and resolve the conflicts among security guards in Hefei security service

        2022-11-18     browse: 713
        How to coordinate and resolve the conflicts among security guards in Hefei security service

        The words written in the front:

        In the daily management process of the unit, it is inevitable that there will be some contradictions within the unit. How can the team leader coordinate and resolve the contradictions? Hefei Security Service Youpaike comes to chat with you.

        01 Target "Sum"

        In the process of handling conflicts, the team leaders should try their best to seek common ground while reserving differences and resolve conflicts when facing security guards with different backgrounds, experiences and personalities. Find out the similarities and highlights of the team members, in line with the goal of "seeking harmony and promoting development", be kind to others and convince others with reason, which is the primary principle and starting point of conflict handling.

        02 Stand for "Public"

        Most of the conflicts within the team are between people. As the team leader, in the process of handling the conflicts, we must adhere to an open and honest view, and do not take sides, protect weaknesses, or act on hearsay.

        03 Attitude Seeks "Honesty"

        In the process of handling conflicts, we should always adhere to solving problems with a sincere attitude, learn to think in terms of empathy, and understand the difficulties of both sides of the conflict. It pays attention to treating people with sincerity and transforming spring breeze into rain, so that both parties to the conflict can think and inspire after listening to it, and close the relationship with the team members, so that they can truly be convinced and solve the conflict easily.

        04 "Fast"

        If you find signs of conflict, you should resolve them in a timely manner, and do not wait for the conflict to escalate, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort.

        05 "Accurate"

        We should be good at finding and grasping the main contradictions in time, selecting the breakthrough, finding the key points between the two sides of the contradiction, finding the main aspects that lead to the existence of the contradiction, and grasping the essence of the problem and contradiction.

        06 Method for "live"

        General problems shall be solved in time; Special problems should be investigated and solved. The big problems should be resolved into small ones, simplified step by step, and better solutions should be found. Only in this way can the contradictions be reduced, the problems become fewer, and the principle of turning big things into small ones and small things into nothing can be achieved.

        Write at the end:

        Adhering to the "six character formula" and handling the minor frictions among the team members can better create a harmonious working environment for the team members and promote the healthy development of the security team.



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