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        Congratulate Youpaike, Hefei Security Service Company on getting the good news of Jinqi

        2022-12-29     browse: 2829
        Congratulate Youpaike, Hefei Security Service Company on getting the good news of Jinqi

        On November 3, Cao'an Neighborhood Center lost power at about 3:30 a.m. due to the failure of high configuration room equipment. The security guard found that it was reported to the supervisor during the night patrol, and the supervisor cooperated with the engineering personnel to find out the cause at the site at the first time. Considering that the problem would affect the residents' electricity use during the day, we quickly solved the problem and temporarily solved the residents' electricity use problem.

        Although it is a small matter, since the security guards found that they had avoided further losses in time, the owners jointly sent a banner to the company, hoping that the group and individual who received the commendation would guard against arrogance and rashness, cherish honor, and make persistent efforts. Further, other staff of Hefei security service company should also learn from the advanced ideas and exemplary deeds of the advanced figures.

        During the epidemic, the security personnel, in addition to their own work, assisted the supermarket in preventing and controlling the epidemic. The security personnel cooperated with the supermarket staff to measure the temperature and check the code and control the vehicles at the entrance. Under the severe epidemic situation, winter is the high incidence period of virus transmission. Only under such strict epidemic prevention and control can the virus transmission be prevented more efficiently.

        In order to express their love and dedication to the security personnel of our company, the follow-up supermarket sent a banner to our company, hoping that the individuals who won the commendation on behalf of the company would cherish the honor and continue to play a leading role in their work.

        In the new year, we will continue to carry forward our outstanding achievements, maintain our honor, work diligently and create new achievements. At the same time, we also hope that all departments and all employees of the company will follow the example of the employees who have been commended, do their own work conscientiously, learn from advanced managers and outstanding employees, and strive to be advanced.

        Learn their spirit of love, dedication, discipline, obedience to management, solidarity and cooperation, their professional ethics of sincerity, realism and dedication, their down-to-earth, hardworking and down-to-earth work style, and repay the expectations of the leaders of the Group Company with greater work achievements, so as to make new contributions to the development of the Group Company.



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