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        It is not difficult to find that the level of the security captain determines the level of the team. Because the security guards think that you are the best among them, so you are their "head". The following "five questions and seven words" are absolutely necessary for an excellent security captain who can serve the security service!

        First question: Have you given the target?

        Everyone has his own ideals and goals. As a "leader", he/she should understand the thoughts and ideas of his/her subordinates. When his/her goals are consistent with the team's goals, he/she should actively encourage and support his/her efforts to achieve them; When their personal goals are unclear or inconsistent with the team goals, they should use the team goals to guide and influence their subordinates, set goals consistent with the team, work hard for the team goals, and take the realization of the team goals as the realization of personal values.

        At the same time, the sub-goals of different stages may be different, and the goals of employees of different positions, ages and personalities are also different and hierarchical. As the captain of the security team, we should learn to guide by layers, and help them develop goals and ideals that are consistent with their own reality, and unify them under the goals of each stage of the team. Only in this way can we maximize the enthusiasm of individuals, and individuals and teams can develop together.

        Second question: Have you given the method?

        The security captain plays another important role in management: coach. It is often seen that some security team leaders adopt the following methods when encountering employees' mistakes:

        (1) Criticism! Criticism!

        (2) Criticism, but I'm afraid it will hurt his heart.

        (3) Questioning: You shouldn't do this! Can't do this! How many times have you said it!

        However, sometimes we think that the mistake of the security guard may be conscious or technical. If he does not master a certain method or skill, he may make mistakes. Which method and skill can improve his work performance depends on the "teaching" and "practice" of the security captain.

        "Tell him", "Show him", "Let him try", "Praise him well, improve him badly" and "Check and coach" are simple methods, but they are one of the best ways to let front-line employees master a skill.

        The third question: Is there a chance to make mistakes?

        There are usually two main views on errors:

        1. Don't make mistakes. Everyone can't make mistakes.

        2. You can make mistakes, but don't repeat them.

        Predict the work of the team leader under the guidance of the two views.

        First, don't make mistakes. As a result, the security guard may be thinking: Don't make mistakes. If you do less, you will make less mistakes. If you do more, you will do less. Well, I won't do so much. I won't take the initiative. Over time, the enthusiasm of the security team will continue to decline.

        Second, you can make mistakes, but don't repeat them. Give the security guard a chance to make mistakes. It is equivalent to giving the security guard a strong shot willing to "test". The enthusiasm of security guards will be improved. However, the premise is that the security team leader should guide and reduce the probability of low-level mistakes.

        As the saying goes, "you will gain wisdom if you take a fall", the lesson of failure is more important than the experience of success. An excellent security team leader is brave and good at giving opportunities to his subordinates, and has the courage to take responsibility, and is not afraid of his mistakes. This is the key for an excellent manager to build an excellent team.

        Fourth question: Have you given encouragement and support?

        When everyone is doing something, especially a challenging job, they are afraid, afraid, have no confidence, and are easy to give up. At this time, there is a special need for a person, even a person with a team to silently give him strength.

        If a security guard always does something bad. Think about it. Did I give him positive feedback? Did I encourage him? Did I help him when he needed help? Can he feel my support?

        The fifth question: Have I set an example for him?

        When doing the training for the grass-roots security team leader, I went to the front line to do research, and asked the front line security guard what the image of the security team leader was in the eyes of the security guard. Many people answered: "better than me", "can control me", "I will do it, he will do it, I won't do it, he will do it", "find him if there is anything"

        It is not difficult to find that your level determines the level of the team. Because the security guards think you are the best among them, so you are their "head".

        The power of example is infinite. As a security captain, ask yourself more, have I set an example? Have I studied? Have I tried to solve the problem in a new way?


        "Prestige", as the name implies, means prestige and credibility. To a large extent, the work tasks of the security company should be finally decomposed to the head of the security team leader, and the management objectives should be achieved through the work of the security team leader. So, how can the security team leader establish his own authority, focusing on the following "seven words":

        1、 Be diligent

        The security captain should set an example of hard work. As a security captain, I must first be proactive, diligent, conscientious, conscientious, and able to do my job well. Otherwise, the security team leader must understand the principle of "acting up and acting down", and understand the role of example and demonstration.

        2、 Build up the power with "virtue"

        The security captain should set an example of civilization and morality. In addition to setting a good example in business, an excellent security captain should consciously accept moral constraints in his speech and behavior. At work, the security team leader should get along with the security guards, actively help, guide and encourage, speak in a civilized manner, and treat the staff well.

        3、 Cheer with "public"

        The security captain should also set an example of fairness and selflessness. One of the differences between leaders and managers is that managers take the realization of enterprise objectives as their own responsibility and the overall interests of the enterprise as the guide. As long as the security team leader can be fair and honest, he can effectively command, coordinate and organize the work of the team, can order and prohibit, can properly resolve various conflicts and disputes, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the team members.

        4、 Build a strong reputation with "achievements"

        The security team leader is practical, and of course he is "powerful" in the company's management system.

        5、 Use "meeting" to create prestige

        We should not underestimate the role of the pre-shift meeting. One of its main functions is to build an effective platform for unified command and management.

        6、 With "inspection"

        The security team leader shall learn to inspect, be good at inspection and be brave in inspection according to the company's quality and hygiene standards or requirements.

        7、 Use "emotion" to bring prestige

        In the management, the security team leader should insist on persuading people with reason and moving people with emotion, and become the intimate and intimate person of the staff. The team leader who is supported by the staff has more appeal, charisma and prestige. The security team leader is appointed and authorized by the enterprise, but a successful team leader is also the core figure of the informal organization in the organization. They are heart-to-heart with the employees.



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