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        Dangli (Kunshan) Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

        2019-01-02     browse: 2855
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        ime flies like an arrow, time flies like a shuttle, 2018 has quietly drawn the end, 2019 embarks on a new journey. Over the past year, all the employees of our company have been devoted to their duties and conscientiously interpreted the spirit of our company with practical actions. It is precisely because of all the efforts of our company's personnel, our company's security personnel smoothly stationed in Dangli (Kunshan) Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. on the first day of the new year, which is also the affirmation of our company's staff.

        Dangli (Kunshan) Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in Kunshan in November 2016. It mainly deals in the design, research and development of packaging materials, packaging boxes, packaging containers and paper products, as well as the processing and manufacturing of packaging boxes. This requires our security personnel to have professional duty ability. Before the project is stationed, our supervisor will train and train our project personnel. These training and training are to enable our security personnel to better serve customers and better adapt to work in the future. These training and training can better exercise the comprehensive quality of our company's security personnel, so as to better protect us and customer units.

        In order to create the healthy development of UPEC and to achieve its overall plan and objectives, we should strive hard in our future work and make further efforts to achieve good results.



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